3 Types of Chair Manufacturing That Get Sales

This is the perfect opportunity for a new product launch and the best time to go after a new market. This is also when a new chair manufacturing process will catch a manufacturer’s eye.

I’ve been involved with several different chair manufacturing processes in the past, and I’ve seen all three of these methods used. There are a few factors to consider when choosing one method over another, so let’s examine each one in detail and find out which one will give you the best chance at a successful new chair manufacturing process.

Low-Cost Manufacturing:

Low-cost chair manufacturing is the most commonly used method. It’s also the most difficult to pull off and has the lowest profit margins. The method involves purchasing high-quality materials, assembling the pieces together, and then applying finishing touches like a soft fabric seat.

The low-cost manufacturing method is most commonly used to make inexpensive office chairs and cheap plastic lawn furniture. It’s the cheapest option because most manufacturers don’t have the capacity to mass produce these types of products.

Furniture from Turkey – Turkish Chair

Rapid Manufacturing:

Rapid manufacturing is the second most commonly used chair manufacturing method. It’s similar to low-cost manufacturing, except the parts are pre-assembled and the fabrics are attached. A popular type of rapid manufacturing uses a laser to weld the parts together.

A rapid manufacturing process gives you a short time frame to market a new chair. You can also use the same method to create any type of furniture, and this is why it’s so appealing. If you can quickly develop a new product, you can save money by using this method.

Turkish Chair

Mass Customization

Mass customization is the newest method of chair manufacturing. It requires the least amount of material and time to complete. The method starts with a prototype being created from a computer model. This allows you to test and tweak the product before beginning production.

In some cases, you’ll even have a digital mockup made before sending the prototypes to the manufacturer. This gives you the flexibility to easily change colors and fabrics without making changes to the base design.


All in all, I’d recommend the mass customization method to start a new chair manufacturing process. You have the flexibility to quickly create something unique and you’ll never run out of material or time. However, you’ll pay more for the finished product. When buying any type of Turkish furniture, make sure that it is made out of quality materials. Wood chairs should be made out of solid wood not engineered or particle board. This will ensure a long life for your chair.

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